Collin's Quick and Unpretty Portfolio

(Hey, I'm a dev, not a graphic designer)

I'm Collin Johnson, a software developer with a passion for backends, APIs, and games.

Below you'll find a link to my Linkedin profile (where you'll find most of my API and backend work), as well as some of my game jam games (where you'll find my game work)


You can find out more of my info on Linkedin, where you'll find information about my work experience! You can also check out my Github, but be warned that some of that code is old and not representative of my current work!

Game Jam Games

These are my projects from Game Jams. All of these projects were developed in 48-72 hours! Even if you're not interested in hiring a game developer, these projects might we worth looking just because of the short timeframe (and all the source code is available!)

Strafe Showdown (Ludum Dare 34, December 2015)

Kitsune no Gemu (Ludum Dare 35, April 2016)

Tenant Chaos (Ludum Dare 40, December 2017)

Warning: Tenant Chaos contains strong language

The One You Feed (Ludum Dare 43, December 2018)


The best way to contact me for professional work would be via my Linkedin profile, but you can also contact me as on Gmail.